Should I get an exam?

Samara • 18 y/o studying @ SU ^_^
My right breast worries me. Two years ago, it started pointing a different direction than the left. I thought it was just cause it got sprained, but it never went back to normal. Now, about 6 months ago I got this bump/pimple thing on the left inner side of it. My mom insisted it was an ingrown hair, but it took forever to go away and now it's just a scar that turns different shades of pink. Last night when I took my bra off, it looked like my right breast was dimpling just above the nipple while my left breast wasn't. I know that's a sign of cancer but idk if the other two are. I'm 18 and I've been doing routine monthly exams on myself for about a year and I can't feel anything different, but I still feel worried. Should I go in for an exam, or am I just being paranoid?