I need to vent.... 😞 my heart hurts

My fiancé and I have been trying for a year and a half for a baby while having pcos it is so hard to loose weight I'm working out twice a day and eating pretty healthy for the most part and still not loosing anything.. First it started  with my baby cousin she is the youngest of all 5 of us(19)  she got pregnant 6 months ago with a baby boy and I was so happy and jealous at the same time. Then my younger brother calls me and tell me he having his first baby due in September .. I cried so hard my eyes hurt.. I just didn't think it was fair. I love my bother and cousin to death but neather one of them got there stuff together at all young with no place of there. I woke up this morning and my cousin text me showing me her positive pregnancy test and I just cringe... 😞😒 her baby boy is 6 months and is already pregnant with number two and my body can't even produce one child. I know the lord will bless me when the time is right I just wonder why I haven't been able to have my little angle. My whole life all I wanted was to find amazing man who will love me for me and the lord blessed me with him! Absolutely amazing man we would just give anything to start a family. Sorry for being so down just needed to vent.. 😥