*Rant* Nothing is Working Out

Well, I'm single as of this morning. And it sucks because I'm super confused as to why he broke up with me when he was just fine yesterday. We had plans to see each other next week and he was my ride to La Crosse for college. Now I don't have him and I'm confused as to why. He blocked me on Facebook and won't answer my calls or texts. I thought things were going great, but apparently not.
Now I don't have a ride out to college in September. My family won't help me. My friend's family won't help me and they said they want all of my stuff out of their house when I oeave for college, so I don't have a place to keep my other stuff. I don't even know if I can make it out to college because I don't have a ride. I'm struggling to pay my phone bill every month. Babysitting money goes towards mh phone bill, but the mom I babysit for has been getting her hours cut, so her paychecks are getting smaller and she can't pay me as much. My phone bill is $92.70. Things aren't falling into place for me. I don't know if I can make it to college, I have no where to live, I'm struggling to find a job since I leave in a month, I can barely make ends meet on my own. Everything I hoped for when I graduated high school just fell to pieces. All of my hopes and dreams are getting further away. And I feel helpless. I'm only 18. I'm stuck with no one to help me. College was my way and now I'm stuck. I don't have a way to keep money flowing in if I leave for college in a month. Ugh. Nothing is working out for me. 😞