Hitting the gym again! (A little long)


Probably not the right place to put this but im excited and wanted to share....

A little back story: starting July 2015 i started gaining an insane amount of weight (about 60 pounds in 12 months). Ive been to the doctor and everything seems to be ok, in fact 2 separate doctors have told me im just not trying hard enough and i need to push myself more. Ive done multiple weight loss programs, tried multiple diet pills, hit the gym pretty hard, even hired a personal trainer, and cut carbs/junk food out completely all to no evail. The weight keeps packing on. July 2016 i moved from VA to TX to be closer to family. Since we first packed up to move we have constantly been eating unhealthy and temporarily living with my parents hasnt helped (they dont have a single fruit or veggie in the house!).

This morning i woke up and found 2 of my very tiny stretch marks have grown and turned bright red. I am already stressed/depressed about the weight gain as it is and now this! It was a very big eye opener that i need to start pushing again to get the weight off. So... with all that said, i went and got a gym membership this afternoon. Today marks day 1 back in the gym.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to share how you managed to get the weight off (or if you know someone who was successful) i would very much be intrested in trying new concepts.