Day 4 of my induction.....

So I was induced for a very bad Puppps rash on Monday. I was 39 weeks. 
They started with a Foley which only got me to 2cm and lost my plug. I was up all night with cramps and contractions.
Then we went to a pill they inserted into my vagina. Contractions started on my own and they were tough but manageable.
I used the labor tub which somehow stunted my natural progress and put some stress on the baby.
So around 5am yesterday they started Pitocine and slowly increased it throughout the day. The pain became so unbearable that my hubby started to sympathy cry for me. When they checked me I was only 2 1/2 and 50% effaced. 
I was planning a natural birth but many people urged me to get the Epi because I had not really slept in two days and baby was becoming stressed. Because baby was stressed they couldn't give me the gas which I originally wanted for pain. 
So here I am going on my 4th day of induction and completely exaugsted. Also feeling for inducing 
Yesterday they also told me I most likely had GD during my pregnancy and they are concerned about baby fitting out. She was estimated at 9# on my ultrasound last week......
This is not how I expected my birth to go at all and she's not even out yet......
My hubby also took a week off to spend with me and the baby and I feel like we are spending most of it in the hospital but I can't imagine getting through this without him. 
I hope you other ladies are having a better time!!
Some words of encouragement would be nice.....
Thanks for listening