3 rounds & story time I guess

Idk who is going to read all this because I'm warning you now it gonna be quite long lol. Thank you for reading it all the way if you did. Okay I just need to type this out because today was hell of a good day! Omfg! Well it's been a good week! So I'm on this app called Whisper idk if you guys know what that is or not but I met this guy off there and back in June we met for the first time at Swing Dancing place I normally go to. So June 4th (which was a Saturday) we met and Sunday he came and got me and I went over to his place. We hung out watched movies almost all day and kissed for the first time. I'm jut letting you all know this is going to seem quite fast at the paste we were moving. Nothing else happened except kissing and making out lol. But Tuesday I went back over and I'm not going to lie things got heated and we had sex. Later that evening I met his mom and sister and we ate dinner and played Dare Uno. It was a lot of fun. After a while he took me home. We hung out more frequently and we had sex here and there I spent the night at his house a couple times. We were just having fun. By the end of the month I'm in love with him. July 4th rolls around and we didn't get to spend it together. When I get home it's late and he texts me saying I need to tell you something. Now that's never usually a good thing. He told me he might have to back to Illinois (that's where he's from and we both live in Arizona) and I asked him questions like why and all that stuff. He told me because of jobs and previously his mom got diagnosed with leukemia. I was thinking since all his family is back there and his sister, mom and dad live out here that could be another reason why he was moving back do his family could help out with his mom and everything. Just saying I would move with him back there. Well we stopped talking for a whole month. I was mad and he didn't really want to talk. He ignored me for a bit and wouldn't tell me why he was moving he finally told me. So at this point we aren't talking. I told him How I felt about him. But never told him I love him because I'm scared. Welllll... Saturday (August 6th) he started talking to me again and said that he was thinking about me and we started talking. He said he wants to starting talking again and he would like to hangout sometime. He was like I don't expect you to just let me back into your life. I told him my family and mom might not give you a second chance but I will, I would have moved with you to Illinois. He's like I know you would (about the second chance). I asked him if he wanted to to hangout Wednesday (now today lol) since I'll be in town (I ended up moving 45 minutes from where I used to live) he's like sure I'm free whenever. I'm like okay. I told him I missed him and he was like I missed you too. So we have been talking throughout the week. Then I saw him again today I went over while my mom had appointments. It didn't even feel like a whole month went by. So today we ended up going three rounds. Which I know isn't really the best way to get back into things but it happened. Before the last round my mom ended up calling saying that they were done. So I told him my sister and mom were on the way. We started kissing he's like we can do this Last one really quick. I'm like we don't have enough time. He's like yes we do I'll show you. In my mind I'm like holy s*** like how the hell does he make everything so damn hot😂😂 and so this last round was crazy insane like I swear I could have died😂 I have never had it so good ahaha like he is literally a sex god but this time omfg and he has me call him daddy ahaha which I don't mind lol but has anyone else felt like that? After that I was gone😂 we were starting to slow down and get done and my mom ended up calling saying they were outside to pick me up. So I had to get dressed and put my shoes on. He got his shorts on. He walked me to the door and we made out and he's like I'll see you... I'm like soon he said yeah unless I get another job (he quit his others because he thought he was moving) but he told me the move was off or delayed. I still haven't told him I love him because I'm still scared lol. But I was just wondering if any of you had had sex like that? Like I almost couldn't handle it this last time ahaha. I'm happy we are together again. So yeah that's my day and what has happened the past few months. Lol how was everyone else's? And what do you think I should do about telling him whether I love him or not? I kind of want him to be the first one to say it but I feel like if I don't then it won't be said. Woah I feel better about saying all this lol