9 hours of labor

9 hours of labor. Had to be induced... Doctor said its not normal for second babies to come late. Doctor was very pessimistic... I was 40 weeks exactly cervix was long and closed, doctor said the baby was too high up I might need a csection, but started process to ripen my cervix at 12:30, told my family but to expect baby until the next day. At 3:00 Doctor came to check cervix and said oh wow, you've dialated quickly wasn't expecting that I was 2cm and didn't need anymore cydktex. Started pitocin at 3 and at 5:00 I was at 5 cm the nurses changes shifts at 7 o'clock and the nurse said your going to make me look like a liar and deliver this baby before I leave and I told her I felt something so she checked me again at 6:46 I was 9 cm and it was a bloody show she said I'm turning off the pitocin you don't need it, you're moving too fast at 7:30 i felt my water break at 8:02 I told her I felt pressure and needed to push... The doctor was with another mom so they asked me not to push and helped me labor down, Doctor came at 8:47 family held my legs Doctor looked and baby head was right there 3 big pushes and baby boy was here at 8:52