Rant. Being a mom

I hate how people and articles always tell you "sleep when baby sleeps." "Have family help with chores or dinner."
Well I never thought of that....🙄 realllly?
This doesn't work when you have more than one child and you have a house that needs some cleaning, laundry that needs to be done, lunches to be made, dinner cooked, and pets to take care of lol
I don't have family who can help me like that. Everyone I have works full time becuase no one can afford to live anymore without killing themselves at a job to make ends meet. 
My BF gets on me about sleeping when she sleeps. The house is already not in the best cleaning shape becuase I never get enough time inbetween feeds to fully clean and by that time my other child decides to be a tornado...It's an endless cycle. I guess some men won't ever understand how hard it is to be at home with more than one child and that its just as hard as being at work full time some days. 
Sorry for the rant.