I had a very dumb moment while cleaning and now I'm worried about baby

Kaitlin β€’ Wife πŸ‘° | LEB πŸ‘§πŸΌ| JEB πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ| Expecting baby #3 🀰
Not sure if I should call my doctor about this. I was cleaning my bathroom with Clorox with bleach. I sprayed some on my counter (vents were going and doors were open) I didn't have gloves on but washed hands thoroughly after I wiped the counters down. I then went and cleaned our mirror with mirror cleaner and immediately wiped it off before it dried. I again washed my hands. I swept and then went on about my business. Then a thought occurred that I could have hurt baby with bleach so I got on Google and read that as long as room was well ventilated everything should be fine. Okay good. Then I read about mirror cleaners having ammonia in them. Oh boy. So I run to look at ingredients on my bottle and sure enough it does contain ammonia. Now I'm scared. Baby seems to be fine right now and is moving but should I call the doctor? Or just be smarter next time and not do that again? I feel so dumb.Β