Help!!!! 😔😢

Chelsay • Married my best friend on 10.04.14... we have a 5 year old son together... I miscarried on 3/1/15 & 8/10/16 😔
Unfortunately ladies, I miscarried again last night at only 5 weeks 3 days. 😢💦💦💦 This is my 3rd pregnancy and 2nd miscarriage . I'm just at a lost for words right now. 
Update... Ok so now I don't know how to feel, when I made the previous post I was at the dr office waiting to see the doctor after having an ultrasound done. 
The ultrasound tech told me that she didn't see anything in the uterus and that my uterine lining was thin. But the dr told me that it was still to early to tell if I miscarried or not. So he gave me a Rx for progesterone and had my blood drawn for hcg levels. He wants me to go back for a repeat of the blood hcg test on Monday, and a repeat ultrasound on the following Monday. Sooo I'm not really sure how to feel right now. Has anyone gone through this before? 
Update!! So I received the dreaded call today. My hcg blood test came back negative... I miscarried again 😔