Feeling guilty for going on a trip

I don't even know why I'm posting this, I think it's because i have so many emotions going on right now and I just need unbiased people to tell me it's ok. 
So my husband and I have kinda been in financial dire straights and I have been looking for a job like crazy. I finally found one that starts September 1st. But my sister who is back home in CO (I'm in TX) had one birthday wish that I'd be able to come home for her birthday. I found a plane ticket for $38 but that would mean I couldn't start work until the 14th of September. Be which I called my new boss and she sounded really excited for the opportunity of my trip and told me it's no problem and that I should go. But deep down, I know my husband is homesick for CO and his family there, too and I feel bad for not starting work earlier to have an extra two weeks of pay to contribute to that month of bills. 
I know my husband wants me to go have a good time but I feel so bad for leaving him alone and starting work late. Do I have any reason to feel guilty or am I just being crazy? 
I should add, my husbands birthday is set ember 3rd and his parents are flying down here to spend it with us, I will fly home the 6th with his parents. So he will get to see his parents and have me here for his birthday, but then we all are abandoning him on the 6th (at least I FEEL like I'm abandoning him)
Maybe I just coddle him too much 😒