The other day I woke up having severe vaginal pain at 30 weeks. I thought I had lost my mucus plug so I trooped it out through the night and ended up calling my doctor the next morning. They wouldn't see me an told me to go to labor an delivery. I didn't feel like it was that urgent but received a lot of criticism for not wanting to go. I went and had the worlds worst nurse! She wouldn't answer any questions an would roll her eyes an shrug her shoulders. When she checked my cervix she was so aggressive an did not care one bit she was hurting me. She then proceeded to ask if I had intercourse in the last 24 hours. I had that morning since I was feeling a bit better. She then gets very mean an throws her hands up in the air an yells at my husband and I that she can't do the test they wanted because we had sex. They took urine and left us in a room waiting on the results of that for 3 hours. I had no nurse call button an finally called the front desk from my cellphone only for them to say "we've been meaning to discharge you. You're fine." šŸ˜” they forgot about us, yelled at us, and we found out nothing! They wouldn't answer any questions as to why my baby was low, not moving, her heart rate was going up and down a lot and I was having severe vaginal pain an it looked like I lost my mucus plug. I couldn't even sleep through the pain. With this being said has anyone else had issues like this at 30 weeks? I can't get any answers from anybody and I am so upset.Ā