having a rough time 😣😢😭😭


3 days PP and a first time mommy...having such a difficult time adjusting. Breast feeding has been so difficult, hardly any sleep, up every 2 hours trying to get a feeding in, and if I'm just a little bit late, it's a tantrum being thrown by little one. I find myself getting very frustrated and I know baby can sense that and I feel horrible about it. I'm so overwhelmed and sometimes just cry about It out. daddy has been being a huge help and I appreciate it so much but I feel like he's bonding with baby better than I am and it makes me feel like a bad mother.

I'm now thinking of trying to switch to formula so that I can get some more sleep and not feel so terrible. I wanted to breast feed for a year and I feel guilty for wanting to switch. I'm so lost and don't know what to do 😭