Baby girls got no birth defect

After doctors told me at my anatomy scan that my baby girl had very small kidneys and they weren't sure what the outcome would be once she was born.. She might need dialysis or a transplant. I cried and cried thinking the worst my husband and I were a mess.. I finally asked to get an MRI done to get a better idea..and to find out there is completely NOTHING wrong with her kidneys they are just fine.. I asked the nurse why they had me thinking something was wrong and the only thing she could say was ultrasounds are not very reliable. 
As relived as I am I am so angry! The doctor kept telling me we must have a genetics disorder and to go to genetics counseling. She could have just sent me straight to an MRI to confirm. God knows what she was measuring but they weren't the baby's kidneys!! so much for being a maternal fetal specialist!!