35wks 2morrow and haven't bought

Brittany • Mommy to a wonderful 6yr old boy, 2yr old girl and 1yr old girl.
Anything for baby yet. And I mean nothing. No diapers nothing :-( my ex and I split at 22wks and he wanted me to be a SAHM with our daughter and my son. So I was literally left with no income and haven't had luck with getting a job. He hasn't helped financially with our daughter since the split. I live with my parents at the moment. I'll be breastfeeding. I have a shower planned for the 20th so im hoping to get some diapers at least, but I'm really only expecting 5 people to show up. I don't know what to do. I need a crib mattress, bassinet, and pack n play. The 3 sleeping things. I'll answer this b4 it gets asked. I need the pack n play for the living room I don't plan on using a bouncer or swing because I have a 12mth old that I need to keep away from baby. A bassinet for the 1st 3-4mth and the crib is obvious. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I'm 30 and have been employed since 16yrs old never depending on anyone. Guess I learned my lesson.