Plan B/ spotting / scared

I had gotten off of my period on 6-11.
Boyfriend and I were intimate on 6-14 and 6-15 (did not fully cum inside me but was worried about precum or not keeping track of the cum outside and worried it might make its way in) took plan b on 6-15 late afternoon... started to feel cramps a few days later and bleed brown on 6-20 and it turned into heavy bleeding with clots (tmi im sorry) this lasted for 2 days 3 days tops. I started to get heavy pains around 6-27 through 6-30. But because of this situation i have started to have anxiety and freak outs since pregnancy is not a choice right now. I have been feeling symptoms from sore boobs to cramping to nausea to strong sense of smell, a lot of gas and burping but not sure if this is from anxiety and/ or my period coming (hopefully).
I am due for my normal period today 7-11 but worried about what is going on. I took pre tests on 7-8 ( 24 days after taking the pill) and all four preg tests came out negative (taken at 11 am not my first pee) but im not sure if i did them completely right or it was too early. I have been anxious about all of this and not able to take a test again until a few more days since my boyfriend does not want me to do it alone without us being together and same for a doctors appointment (i kind of agree). 
Any incite would be great i've been trying to read on different sites but nothing has eased my mind.