Been in the hospital 1 month today.

I was admitted to the high risk unit on July 11 for preeclampsia and low fluid level. At that time I was 30 weeks and 1 day. They prepared me for the worst including how long the baby would possibly stay in the nicu. Lucky for me, in the first day or so my blood pressures were great his fluid still wasn't good but he monitored well. Like I said it has now been 1 month today I am now 34 weeks 4 days and still pregnant 😊 I have just in last couple days really started feeling bad, headache, upper right quadrant pain, fatigue. My blood pressures are still great and baby boys fluid level has been up and down. They found a pretty decent pocket this week. They have told me I will not go past 37 weeks. But since I haven't felt well this week. My dr told me today he is worried about my headaches etc and he will not let it go. I am excited and nervous about the thought of having a baby in the next week. Anyone else going through or know someone going through something similar? Thanks in advance for any stories or advice! 😊