Pregnant or going crazy?

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So posted something about a week ago about me and SO having sex. And how I went the whole month of July with no period and I am not on birth control. We then had unprotected sex July 28th. (He tells me he pulled out and he didn't cum, but I felt hot liquid down there by the entrance of my vagina, that wasn't just mine, plus I felt something trickle down my between my cheeks and into my vagina) And I period was due awhile ago. And according two all my <a href="">period apps</a> I'm about 2-3 weeks late. I had taken an 88 cent test on Monday and it came back negative. But my mood swings are terrible (more terrible than usual), in peeing all the time, im bloated, my breasts doesn't hurt constantly but there will be pain around my nipples here and there, I get nausea and turned away from some of my favorite foods. I almost feel myself starting to cry at the silliest things, and I don't do that even if I'm PMSing. I've also been having mild cramping, and I've had the feeling like my period is coming but its discharge. I'm more tired than usual, and I've been having chest pain more than I usually would. It's going on a month and a half and still nothing. And it doesn't help that my mom when she was pregnant with my older brother she had false negatives and she went fourth months before knowing she was pregnant. Because she also had 'periods' they had to do blood work just to know for sure. 
My question(s) would be us possible I could have gotten pregnant in May but still had a 'period' and June or would be pregnant from July and it's still been too early to test? Or do I have nothing to worry about and my period is on it's way? My cycles are pretty normal too so this is weird.. instead of wasting money on a test should I get blood work done to determine if I am or not if my period doesn't show? 
Lastly, I don't have anything because I went to my gyno last week for a check up.