I'm so pissed.

It's 12am and my boyfriend said he was gonna have a friend over that he hasn't seen in a while. First of all, his friend invited himself over. Then he asked my boyfriend "who else is gonna be there," and my boyfriend said no one and that he's not tryna have a party, just a smoke session. So tell me why I came into my living room and there's about 6-7 people (including some random stink faced girl), all charging their phones and lounging on my furniture and staring at me like I'm a random fucking person. I came out onto the balcony and cursed my boyfriend OUT, and told him if he's trying to get back to his mom's house he's definitely making it obvious. They know I'm pregnant, and they're all sitting around, blasting music passing blunts around. Words cannot describe how pissed I am. Idk what to do because I don't wanna embarrass him but like y'all...what the FUCK