Just need someone to talk too

So my boyfriend is beyond my bestfriend in the whole world, I love him to death, but I feel horrible we were in the store and I found a ring I really liked, extremely cheap and of course fake. I showed him and he bought it for me, I asked him what it was and he was like I guess a promise ring. I said I love you and I kissed him but then I just didn't know what to think because I know he didn't want it to be that but he said it was because I said something. He always talks about our future together and everything but I honestly feel like he just doesn't want it to be real yet. I'm honestly crushed but he has no idea because it makes me start to cry, just talking about it with him. I want him to be my everything forever and he says he will be and we will be forever. But when I mentioned the ring to him he goes "why, I can't pick out rings, I don't understand why you want one" and it just makes me extremely upset because I just want him to realize it is a big thing and if he tried he could do it, I keep telling him any ring he gets me I'll love, but now he kinda just changes the subject or pretends he doesn't heard me. I dont know what to do and it's starting to make me really upset.  What would you do?