Rant that some may not agree with

I already know some of the women on here will not agree with my rant and everyone has the right to their opinion. 
I am extremely upset with my doctors choices. I have mild preeclampsia. Although it is not severe enough to do an emergency delivery which I'm blessed about, it is bad enough that it leaves me in uncontrollable pain and anxiety. The swelling I go through is now up to my knees and my elbows and triples in size. I was unaware that just swelling could be so painful. I projectile vomit out of nowhere a couple times a day. The lower pain is also so horrible. Now some of you are thinking I'm being a wimp and it's just normal pregnancy pains but please understand it's not. My doctor even explained my pain would be worse then it normally would. I am past my due date yes not by much but my doctor still refuses to induce me! I get if my son is not in any danger it's best to keep him in but my symptoms are getting worse, I'm past my due date, it's now affecting my health, and the pain is becoming unbearable and I have a high pain tolerance. I have a midwife and a obgyn. My midwife agrees I should be induced but my obgyn still won't. I'm so frustrated and under so much anxiety that me or my son my get hurt because of this choice. The only thing that keeps me going everyday and not crying all day is my wonderful supportive boyfriend of five years. He helps me so much I couldn't ask for anything more. I don't want to end on such a negative subject. This photo melts my heart. This was taken on our sons due date. My boyfriend laid on my lap asking my son to please come out and meet us and kept hugging and kissing my belly all day asking if our son was ready to come out and meet us yet. He ended up falling asleep on my lap hugging my stomach.