supply increased

Thaydene • Wife and first time mother to my little monster. Baby boy born on 12/7/15: the day my life began 💙 thank you God 🙏🙏
What r u using for increasing milk supply?
I don't have supply issues in general
My kid is 8 months old EBF (now with solids). When I pump for the past month, I am not getting anything substantial, sometimes less than half an ounce!! I'm not worried about him getting enough when at the Breast. It's just he's going through the stash faster than I can replenish. 
For example, I work 7-7p and will go home With only like 5 oz total. 
I've tried mother's milk tea. Barley. Coconut water. I power pumped once with a slight inc I think but I can barely dedicate time for that consistently. 
Any input suggestions or experiences?
I was trying to hold off on fenugreek. It's so many pills 😓😓and I don't wanna smell like syrup. I would love to hear any experiences with fenugreek as well. 
Thank you ladies