I'm so lost

I've been married almost three years and things have been good aside for the last 5 months. Things have been lacking. We have sex a lot but it's boring, my husband is so involved with himself to notice my cries for attention and love. In the past week we've had two huge talks about things and I've poored my heart out. So today I thought we had a break through. I though he understood what I felt and how I wanted to fix things. So we went to a movie last minute which turned out to be a meet up with  his buddies instead of the fun date I thought he wanted. Then we had plans to grab some beers and talk in our yard on the porch. Well his buddies invited him out and I didn't wanna go but I asked him if he wanted to and he was quiet so I said if you wanna go then go. So he did. I know I could've said nothing but j knew he wanted to go instead of hanging out with me as planned. 
I'm at a crossroad. I don't know how else to show him how badly we need to reconnect and work on this. I don't know how louder I can cry out for attention and love. I don't know how else to show him this isn't working. 
I feel like I'm constantly being left in the dust while he goes on about his life. I don't know what to do anymore. Can anyone give me advice or help me find a way to get through to him? I'm desperate.