When life smashes you with lemons..

Over 13 thousand dollars of dental work is needed for my teeth.. And ive barely got a dollar to my name. Ive lost my closest 2 best friends in a matter of 6 months, i lost my new job that everyone loved me because my boss was a jerk over a mishap, literally the weekend before my 21st back in june. We have no insurance for me and my 2 kids because state is always giving run around. Im forced to keep my distance from the only family i have nearby because im done putting up a happy family facade because my parents think my so called step brother who touched me 2 weeks before my freshman year of high school years ago deserves help from them. My fiance is forced to work long and extra hour days, one being today so he's gone for about 11 hours. But hes doing it to keep our first place over our kids, and i love him so much for that. Considering we split up the beginning of this year and i wasnt sure if we'd make it this far. Ive had the worst first half of this year of my life. And i finally got the job at this awesome new bar ive been waiting since june to open, i FINALLY got the your hired call Wednesday! I was soo happy! Just for thursday morning to be told i have 13 thousand dollars of work needed for my teeth. Ive been in nonstop pain for 4-5 days straight and when i got the job offer i figured im gonna have to do payments to get this taken care of. Just to be told the cost of it later, it sank ny heart. I have all 4 wisdom needed out, 2 molars need pulled. And in hopes of saving 3 other molars i need 2 definate root canals plus all 3 crowns and the third a possible root canal but they can't tell yet. I need to see a specialist for the damage to my gums. Plus 11 filings. They prescribed something sent over to safe way that i cant even go get, because they see the onsight of infection.. And i dont qualify for any of their payment programs. I almost cried in their office. To make matters worse, my oldest (3) has a different father i randomly got child support checks from 2 months ago, sadly, they've kepts us going. This was the last check i needed to depend on. And it didnt come in yestrday.. I got in the car and broke down crying. I needed that last 86 $ to get my liquor license by orientation monday morning, to pay my half of the phone bill and to get my prescription. And it killed me how much i was depending on her piece of crap dads money. That i couldnt hold it in anymore. And today comes, im home alone with my 2 kids and as i watch them watch their movie, all i can think about right now is how fucked up is it that it takes 13 thousands dollars to treat my mouth and get rid of and hopfully prevent an infection thats starting and could most definatly spread of 1 or both ways. Spread to brain and kill me or spread to my throat and swell up and make it unable to breath, there for, kill me. Which is exactly what happenes if left untreated.. One day i was excited to get 2 steps forward withthe new job, the next i got thrown 13 thousand feet back.. Rant over. Sorry ladies, needed it out.