Ovulation Symptoms.

Good Vibes

Ladies, I'd like to know exactly what your symptoms were when it came to the big O time..

Were they the day before you ovulated, or were they exactly at the time?

You see.. Glow has me set for today to ovulate, however, I had ALL of my symptoms yesterday; when I say ALL of my symptoms... I mean ALL of them.

Thinking back to yesterday, I have an acne breakout that I usually never get until AF, hot flashes all day, throbbing hip joint pain that was so bad I literally had to lift my legs in order to ease the pain. I had mild cramping.. though it was directly in the middle, there was no specific side. I was totally gassy too, and I had lower back pains.

I usually never paid much attention to this until now... goodness, with all that happened yesterday though, to think I'd remember it. 😂