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So I may not know anyone here, but as women in <a href="">eve</a>, I've seen complete strangers support one another and be compassionate towards others. Please don't judge, i just want to hear some opinions of some of you girls. Last sunday, i had Sex with my bf. It would have been fine had we not been completely drunk and using no protection, as well as me not being on bc. It also turns out that that day was also a day I was ovulating. So pretty much I am on this countdown to my period. Which is in 11 days, my bf and i agreed we were not financially stable for another child. Him having 2 daughters and myself one son. We want kids just not when we are so tight on money and space. But i am also against abortions, i view babies even just conceived as human beings(everyone has their own views). I am so against it and just the thought of going through it makes me sick to my stomach. I agreed with my bf because it is the smart thing to do, but is it the right thing? I scolded my sister when she told me she was going to abort my nephew, now he is 2 years old and a titi's boy. I honestly am torn in half with this decision