What should i do

I don't know where to start. Sorry if this is long but i really need advice. I've been in a relationship for about a year and seven months. He is twenty and i will be eighteen. We recently broke up and the break up was bad. We were on vacation for his birthday and let's just say we got into a fight, we just weren't getting along. I broke up with him but recently these fews weeks I've been trying to get him back. But he is a completely different person (I'm guessing because of the break up) and now I'm having second thoughts. All of a sudden after our break up now he wants to go join the army. In the past he always told me he wouldn't go because of me. I don't wanna stop him from pursuing this career. He told me if he will write me and we could still be together, but im not sure how i feel about putting this all on hold. He is different though for example, in our relationship he was sweet and caring. He spent alot of time with me, always made me a priority and put me first. He did everything and was willing to do anything for me. Always tried to make me happy. On the other hand, i feel as if i took him for granted and there's no going back. I realized i messed up, and i wanted a chance to change that. But now he's been putting his friends first lately. He wants to see all of them before he leaves, which i understand. He keeps telling me he needs space, but I'm confused on why he wouldn't wanna be with me when he will be leaving soon. I guess me and him are together right now but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to let him go. These past few weeks he was hurt and didn't wanna see me and just this week we met up and had sex (i know that wasn't the best idea) so i kinda feel like he's keeping me around just for the sex until he leaves. Like for example in our relationship we would always see each other on the weekend. And now he tells me he doesn't want "rules" or "schedules" which we never really had in the first place. He tells me he loves me and no other person makes him feel the way i do, but i don't know. I feel like he's a completely different person. I'm not sure if his friends put things in his head or what.

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