Hey guys. So I'm sorry if this is a downer but I'm really confused right now. Last year I got out of a sexually abusive relationship. It ended because he had sex with another girl. We talked and he said he didn't realize he was being abusive during the relationship, but I know he was (I would tell him no to fooling around and he would laugh and pull me into rooms and make me do things with him) I recently learned about coercion and I started thinking. The first time we slept together was after we broke up. I told him so several times, but he kept pushing it. He never threatened me, but I was worried he would get made and make me leave if I said no. Needless to say after 30 minutes of him pestering I caved and said yes. But it has always causes me stress since then and negatively effected my mental health. I don't want to believe that I was raped, but it's honestly how I feel. Do you guys think I'm being dramatic, or was it rape?

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