Trying find a lost annuity..

My grandpaw always knew he had to leave us something to keep our financial heads above water. So he started an annuity for my brother and I when I was like 5. 
Shortly after he passed, we found the papers and to help give us some control in our life, my mother took out a thousand dollars of each of ours so we could treat ourselves. She put the papers away and they're in storage. Well it's been about five years now, and I live in Louisiana. And if you haven't seen, we've been flooding badly. I got word that the storage units might have gotten some water in them.. So my papers may be ruined. My fiance's mom said that those papers are usually on waterproof paper but I'm not sure. And on top of that, my mother hasn't paid the storage fees enough for me to even go look for my stuff. 
So I've been searching how to find said unclaimed money. I found a site that pulled one, but the company isn't in my state (which he probably put it in a different state for some reason) but it doesn't have an address listed for the last claim because I was a minor at the time. I did some digging and found what may be the company it was done through. 
What helped jog my memory? The logo of a Native American chief.. He had a huge love for Native American culture and that passed on to me. If this is the sign I needed all along, y'all I'm gonna cry my eyes out if this is it. This is over $10k that I can get a car, pay for my wedding, or children's college funds. 💕😭💕 please pray this is it. I didn't know where else to post this.