Unplanned Feelings

3 months ago, I started working at a new pizza shop in my town. It was a brand new store so I go in for training and meet all my new coworkers. The first person I meet is this guy named Gary(24). Gary and I don't "hit it off" right away (hell I didn't even think he was cute) but eventually we became acquaintance and then the flirting began. About a month into working there we are pretty flirty and he invites me to come hang out. I should point out he's an alcoholic so he is drunk most of the times we hang out outside of work (and sometimes at work) He's kind of a sketchy person and since I had just recently turned 18 and moved out of my childhood home, I had this newfound freedom that I wasn't entirely sure how to use and head never been to a guys house before. We hang out and we get drunk and he courts me. He tries to be very lovey and its so nice. He tries to have sex but in realizing how drunk I am he says he didn't want our first time having sex for me to be drunk (which I thought was actually really nice considering most guys would've just done it). We eventually have sex and at that point I realize we need to DTR. I need to know what he wants out of it. So I ask and he says " I'm not looking for a relationship but anything can happen. " I take this as more of a 'we're just hooking up' type deal and I'm okay with that but we keep hanging out and we don't have sex every time. (In the 3 months I have known him now we have only had sex 5 times and 2 of those were in the same night.) I realize I am starting to like him. So I pledge him off and do so successfully for a month but during that month he never asked me for sex. Until one night I was hanging out and he asked and I just gave in because I want to please him. I like him. I just can't read him. I don't know how to get over him. And I want to continue to have sex with him because he is the best sexual partner I have ever had. Friends say I can do so much better and he only will drag me down. I like him though and I can't help my feelings. I want him to want me so when he wants sex it feels so nice. The last time we had sex I glance at him at one point and he was just looking at me with eyes that seemed to be loving. He was drunk though so I can't assume that's what that look meant. I like him a lot. I just want him to want me back. What do I do? I'm sure he knows how I feel considering I have told his roommates but I need to know 1 how to get over him or 2 how to tell if those looks are him saying "wow you're fantastic" or any other options I have and how to go about it. I just have all these feelings built up and I don't know how to go about them. Thanks.