To Kiss or not to Kiss: Newborns

Trish • Due Sept. 29th with a baby boy!!!

I keep reading these articles about newborns, and in several of them it discourages parents to let other people kiss their newborn baby because so much can be passed onto them when they are still itty bitty. I will be a first time Mom I'm September, but have been around enough babies to know that people are going to kiss them. I'm finding myself nervous about this, even though my common sense tells me to relax. We can't protect them from everything, but at the same time, we are their voice before they can speak.

Just curious, all you experienced mommies, am I over thinking this? If I'm not, what's a nice polite way to help prevent this if I need to?? I feel like asking someone to not kiss your newborn would immediately give you the reputation of being an overprotective, helicopter parent and that's honestly the last thing I want. However, this isn't about me, it's about our new baby.

Any thoughts would e greatly appreciated. ❤