If your significant other gave you a "sex pass".. Would you take it?

With the circumstances of our relationship, sex has been a new topic of our discussions. Due to a bad car accident, he's unable to feel anything from the waist down but his man still works. We haven't had sex since I got pregnant in December (but I'm not in a rush to have sex anyway) especially with his health & the baby coming soon being more important. When we've spoke about it a few times, he's mentioned him not having a problem with me having sex with someone else every now & then for my satisfaction but I honestly feel weird and very much so disrespectful to even consider his gesture. Like it's very thoughtful of him to put my sexual needs first and/or to acknowledge the change that's going to take place in our sex life because of his SCI but I honestly feel we can get creative and make it work without me having to accept his offer. Am I the only who wouldn't step outside the relationship for sex?

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