kimmy • I am a loving,caring, amazing person in love with my one and only

About a year ago i was living with my boyfriend that i am currently still dating. He have children with someone and ig they have a bad past. The mother of his children started stalking me with her friends and becoming evil. I was so irrated over the things that happen to me. I was a little sad and became depressed because no one believe the fact of the issue. My boyfriend didnt want to believe me and start saying i was lying. I was in a bad place that ended up me being in the hospital. I finally realize i can no longer let the devil take advantage of my life and pull me down. I became better and start talking to my boyfriend about the situation; he busted of and finally told me that she was stalking him when they was together. I became to the fact that he shouldve told the police qhen i was callingnthe police to make reports. He was angry about it, i took his bm to court to get a order of protection against her , but it didnt happen. My boyfriend was happy because of the fact i took her to court, but not want to come with me and be able to support me. After a little while after i got my own place and got a job and most definitely start going back to chhurch and claiming my life back. Me and my boyfriend is together but he currently blocked me on fb, he stated he dont want to havr our relationship public, also his bm is still stalking me with other people as well. Me and my mother have somewhat of a bad relationship about my choices in life.

The question is how to overcome the fact about the evil spirits in my life and being able to speak with my boyfriend about everything that has happen with my life. He hate when i talk about it.