Kids and Nude Photos

Well I honestly can't say how much this is going on but holy shit, when are people going to learn that almost every teenager or young teenager takes nudes to send to their boyfriends and girlfriends? Y'all think it doesn't happen or that it wouldn't happen with your kids but sadly it does. So I did a social experiment and a lot of research using the whisper app for class. Apparently it's being used as a dating site more or less now but there were so many teens as well as adults that are posting pics of themselves or other things with captions such as "18 F I'm bored and lonely" these types of posts got hundreds of comments asking for pics and nudes or for phone numbers. Seriously check your teens phone; there are way too many nasty things going on without your knowledge. Some peoples kids of course don't even use those kinds of things but there are so many who do now  today that it's become the new "norm" for kids and it's so sad, ugh we need to make it all stop.