Giving away a sick animal?!? (long)

Nicole • 27 ❤️ Milwaukee born and raised 🐄🧀🍻
So I just moved into a new apartment and it's the first time I've ever lived alone. So I was talking to a girl from work named Toni. I told her I was debating on whether I should get rats or a Guinea pig. She then tells me her friend Oliver is trying to find a home for his ferrets. So I said yes that is take them. Maybe I should have pried for information but she told me they were very playful and that they were two boys and that they would come free with all of their stuff because he just couldn't take care of them because he has two jobs. Then I was told when they were dropping them off that he had only had them for a few weeks. Another friend of his had unloaded them on him and he had to find a new home for them. So we bring them upstairs and their stuff they had for them was almost nonexistent. All they came with was a small cage that contained a ripped hammock, a smattering of small animal bedding(which they shouldn't have), and a huge tub of food. No water. No blankets hat hey should have instead of bedding. Not litter box. No toys. They also came with ferret shampoo and a bag of cat food. The cat food they gave me was grain based which ferrets cannot digest. So I let them both out and they tell me that the one is just old so he doesn't move much. Well I took him out and he was was having a hard time. So they left pretty quickly. No instructions or anything. They just rushed out. The "old" one collapsed after a few steps on the floor. Tried giving him some water and he was just not ok. So I put on my shoes and put him in a bucket (he had no carrier) and called a lyft and rushed him to a 24 hour animal hospital. He was rushed back and 4 1/2 hours and $300 later I had to hold the poor little guy while he was put to sleep. Now my question is should I demand that the previous owner pay for the vet bill or at least some of it? When he found out I took him in he messages me and said "I was so worried about him but I didn't have the time or money to take him to the vet" and also told me "to save money just google how to fix him" and after he was put down he was like "would you like me to take him back so you don't have to worry?" HES DEAD THERES NOTHING TO TAKE BACK!! I'm just so upset about it and I'm out $300 plus all the money I'll have to spend to get the healthy one the things he needs. I feel like it was animal abuse to let him sit and be sick because he had been sick for a long time. Would you be pissed and want part of the bill paid by the previous owner too?
This is what this poor baby looked like when I got him. Clearly in so much pain. Clearly way underweight and malnourished. I believe that he got this sick from them not knowing what ferrets actually eat. If you can't research a ferret friendly diet on the Internet at least you definitely shouldn't have them.