C section soon and lots of precautions??

💞KayCee💞 • Married. Mom of 3 with baby due in August

OK I met with the anesthesiologist yesterday to sign the paperwork for my spinal I'm going to get. They also gave me these weird wipes to use after I shower the night before. The nurse was going over everything and all the dos and donts. She then tells me to take off all nail polish.... Why is that? Its my fourth c section and this is a first. But I am allowed to keep my piercings in... Lol I'm stumped. Maybe bc they worry about polish flaking? Well what if I lose a ball off my industrial? Lol

But these wipes... Its so weird. You would think it would be easier and more efficient to hand out antibacterial soap to use. And she tells me not to use the wipes in any creases bc it'll burn like hell. Wtf?!?

Its been 7 years since my last section. The things they change and do is somewhat strange. Lol ok I'm done yapping. Lmao