Physiological HELP! Crazy Aunt.

This one may get long but please stick with me. I'm confused but I really want to try to understand my Aunt before I cut her off. (This pertains to the pregnancy i just have to fill you in)  Ok so here we go. I'm 26 my aunt is 47. She was a mother figure when I was younger as I was abandoned by my mother. When I had my son she helped me thru a rough break up and the lose of my grandma (by help I mean she watched my child while I worked.) She made my son so attached to her and would flaunt their relationship to me as if I was incapable of forming a motherly bond. She even accused me of having postpartum and rejecting my son. Which isn't true one bit yes I was sad but it was bc I lost my grandmother the morning I had my son! And who fast forward 3yrs and I ended up marrying the man she introduced me too he is a good man my better half. His family does so much for me. My Aunt HATES THEM I mean with every bone in her body hates them. She makes every family get together teeth grinding awkward. She was even late to my wedding! We don't have joint family birthday parties for my son bc of how she is. 
She always looks like she hates you and your beneath her. She NEVER has anything nice to say EVER. But she does the things that make me thing she is obviously crazy like:
-When I got engaged she wouldn't even look at my ring but told me I was stupid for getting such a expensive piece of jewelry THEN the next week I see a huge fake diamond ring on her hand😳 I compliment it and she replied "oh this is a place holder until my son flies out to New York to get the one I want" (that never happened)
- we bought our first house with the help of my husbands mother. It's in a very nice neighborhood and is very beautiful especially for our young family. My aunt live in a trailer. Mind you I grew up in trailers I'm not bashing them one bit. So my Aunt walked in a just had terrible things to say about EVERYTHING. No congrats no nothing!
-we told her we were going to replace our sticky tile floor with nice hardwood floors. She ran out and got fake hardware floors for her trailer. 3 years later we finally saved enough to get ours done and she hates them. 
-my husband knew how badly I wanted a hairless cat so he got me one for my birthday she bashed it then ended getting her one before mine was ready to come home.
-I got my husband a English Bulldog puppy but we had to wait for the litter to be born. Before we could get our puppy she went and got one and gave it away a week later. 🙄
Fast forward 5 years I'm FINALLY pregnant with my baby girl! It took us a year to conceive. And my Aunt won't even acknowledge my pregnancy. If I talk about it she doesn't respond. When we haste at ran in the baby a month ago she never even check to see how they turned out. She refuses to go in my nursery. Like she will stand in the hallway while we are all in there. Today her and my uncle and cousins came over and I cooked a recipe of hers. They were all saying how good it was and how it taste just like hers. She looked at it said it look funny and she called and order take out 😩😳. I just don't get it. I'm not mean to her I try to earn her love but it just seems like I'm trash to her. What is wrong with this women!? Why won't se acknowledge my baby!? It's making me depressed! 🙄
I don't want to talk to anyone I know about her bc I'm scared she might find out. But I need to talk about it before i explode.