Gassy baby!!!

Okay, I need advice! I'm a FTM, EBF and baby is definitely colicky in the evenings. BUT all of a sudden, she's started crying around mid morning too and my gut (Ha! No pun intended!) tells me that she's just gassy. She's also started drooling and putting her hands in her mouth. She has lots of wet diapers and a dirty one every other day or so. We just started Mylicon gas drops and they help. They say that you can use them at every feeding, but I feel like I'm waaayyy over-medicating my baby. (I've only been using them during daytime feedings though.) I've tried gripe water and infant massage too. I don't know what the change in my diet might have been that caused this but don't want my LO to suffer while I figure it out. Any advice for this new mama???