Can't stand my husband

Megan • First child was born august 19,2016. And expecting in July.
Monday the 15th was my duedate and maybe I'm just overwhelmed that I'm still pregnant but the things he says just really get to me. I feel like he's only excited about us having a baby is because he's taking a week off. He never says I can't wait for her to be here or I can't wait to be a dad. All I've heard him say for weeks is "I can't wait to be off for a week" "I need a vacation" "I can't wait to be away from work" I'm about to tell him he can stay at work and not to take time off. Because I'm really fed up with it. When I had to go to l&d for bleeding he slept the whole time. Didn't know I got an iv didn't know what all happened and didn't even care to ask if I was okay or if our daughter was okay. Im to the point where I rather be giving birth to her by myself. Because it just seems like It's going to be just my daughter and I.