having sex

K. Do you guys ever just want to like have "making love" sex. We're it's like slow and sexy. And feels really good the whole time. And the orgasm is amazing?  That's all I wanted tonight. To just go slow and really enjoy it. Not just fuck. And I told my boyfriend that because getting the the "O zone" takes a lot more for me ( and I'm sure a lot of girls.). Tonight was just one of those nights where I wanted to feel really good. I didn't just "want to fuck" and for some reason my boyfriend just wasn't getting it. Even tho I don't him flat out. We've had amazing sex like that before just really passionate. But tonight because I didn't want to just fuck. He kinda pushed me away. So I left the bedroom. Started watching tv in the living room instead. What's the difference now? What do you guys do in this situation? Do you guys ever have this problem?  
(We've been together for 3 years. We're not a "new to sex couple") I love him a lot. But sometimes I don't feel like I'm enough.