*not TTC related - sorry!* Have you ever quit a job after a few weeks?

I just started a new job at a daycare/preschool as an assistant teacher and I am realizing more every day that this isn't the right fit for me. I absolutely dread going to work most days. I truly do like kids, but I honestly just realized I don't have the passion to work with them (18-20 kids at once) like some people do. It also doesn't help that some of the coworkers I have a terribly catty and gossip about other workers all day.

There are other issues as well.

I have only worked there for going on three weeks, and I feel bad for wanting to turn in my two weeks so quickly, so I am not sure what to do.

I'm a people pleaser at heart and that means that I never want to upset anyone who depends on me, but this job just isn't for me.

Have you ever quit a job quickly? Or does anyone else work at a daycare/preschool and have advice?

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