I need help - Rant

Me and my ex of 3 years broke up, we get along great like we're still together just without the touching all the time, or the title. He calls me babe, reaches out for my hand sometimes and kisses me whenever we see each other. 
During the break up I took a pregnancy test, it came out positive I made a doctors appointment to check up, and discovered I'd lost our little miracle baby at just the short 4 weeks. The emotional stress and depression got the best of me, and I lost our love child. 
He went to his military training after the break up, we talked about the loss of our baby & talked about trying to work the relationship out when he got home. He comes home and things are still really great between us, but I'm trying to take our time to have things fall back into place and work itself out. There's a girl who likes him, and I think he's saying he likes her to make me jealous - which is honestly working. She started liking all our posts together and followed me on Instagram. Me and my ex have hooked up multiple times since he's been home, and like I said he's still calling me baby/e, kissing me, etc. I just want to message her and say "hey just wanna let you know that me and Patrick are still seeing each other, he's calling me baby, holding my hand and were having great sex, oh yeah, I would've been 14 weeks pregnant by now.."