Disrespectful people

Isabel • Anything can happen
How do you manage to tell someone what they're doing is wrong? Perhaps not entirely but when it involves your children or when they make comments without asking you first? For example, I didn't want people to know the gender of my baby until I was ready or until I had him with the exception of immediate family members. I had posted a picture of my ultrasound, which I had held off for a while on posting ultrasounds! But I am now six months and I thought why not?! Right, anyways, One of my friends on my Instagram  commented saying "I call boy" which it is yet nobody knew exactly. So then here comes my sister in law like a nosy B**** she is and comments " my baby bephew💙💙💙" which happend to irritate me because this isn't the first time she does this and I don't want to block her because she'll act stupid like if I did somethings to her, and she's the kind of person that you can't really give her any sort of advice in anything because she thinks she knows it all!!!! This too happened with my pregnancy announcement in general I hadn't even posted anything and she was the first to do so, she has zero respect for me she thinks there's nothing wrong with it and I shouldn't act like that blahh blahh so basically I have no say over what I decide to announce or not? She's really annoying, I try to be nice and not get irritated by her but she really gets on my nerves she can be cool but she's such a know it all and nobody can tell her what to do or act! I'm tired of her any advice??