My kid is on the Spectrum

Mrs. Sinner • ♡~Mrs. Sinner~♡

I hate wording it this way because we very much call all the kids our kids.

My 6 year old son has asperges syndrome, ADHD and is hearing impaired. My 4 year old daughter is a typical little girl with no real disabilities that we know of. My husband and I also have a baby on the way who has passed all genetic testing.

My husband has an 18 year old daughter who just went off to college, she had no disabilities, A 16 year old son with diagnosed ADHD, and a 14 year old daughter whom was diagnosed at the age 6 with dyslexia and ADHD but has been missing since 2011 so we don't know how she has turned out.

My son is by far the hardest child I have ever had the pleasure of raising. I use the word pleasure sparingly because some days I just want to take a mini vacation in my closet with the door locked while hugging a bottle of wine. Lol!

Truth is my son is a wonderful kid with a pocket full of love but he still has his trying times and honestly between juggling, appointments, school, work, practice, rehearsals, and my son's special services, I am at my wit's end already.

I feel like I am failing my child. I feel like the super mom who needs to hang up her cape, I feel defeated and tired. Nothing I do helps my son, he is constantly having his fits, breaking things being mean to his little sister. Right now they share a room until it gets divided into two separate rooms this weekend. So today my son threw himself on the floor bruising his forehead on his hot wheels garage. This is not the first time. Years ago he knocked his two front teeth out jumping off his dresser and biting his head board, it didn't even phase him, he acted like nothing happened.

Is there any other mommas who have gone through this?

I am looking for support.