Please Help Me 😞

If anyone has the time to read all of this, please give me advice or something. I need help...
A little over a month ago, my boyfriend drove all the way to New Jersey without a license (he doesn't have one) just to see me. On his way back home to NC, he was going 80+ in a 65 (following the car in front of him) and he got pulled over. He didn't get a ticket but he's being charged with reckless driving & his court date is on Sept. 2nd. His car also got impounded so he had to pay to get that back. He has to pay $1,000 for a lawyer and about $4,000 for his tickets. The problem is he's been spending all his money on me over the last few months. He only has about $500 in his bank account now. His sister paid for the lawyer so his next paycheck is going to her (to pay her back). He's also facing possible jail time (up to 1.5 years). The thing I need advice on is whether or not I should leave him. I feel like it's my fault he's in this situation & I don't want to make it any worse than it already is. I'm also 99% sure I'm pregnant but I can't tell him. It would just stress him out even more. I've always been a "run from your problems" kind of person so yea, that's looking like the best option right now. I'm basically terrified for so many reasons so please be nice if you're going to give me any advice. Thank you.