Loving my newborn! Here's how it went down..

Your Name/Screen name: Lauren 
Baby's Name: Leo 
Sex: male
 Date of Birth: August 16
Original Due Date: August 16
Weeks Pregnant: 40
Baby's Weight: 7.11
Baby's Length: 20"
 Birth Story:
 Was 1.5cm and 70% effaced for several weeks. Went in for an elective induction the day before my due date at 4pm. Took two rounds of cervadil and dilated to a 3. She broke my water and I got an epidural. It only worked on one side and was the worst pain I've ever felt. I've had two kids before with perfectly fine epidurals. They tried to fix it and ended up completely numbing my legs which was so gross feeling. They said "it will take this two hours to start wearing off so let's hope the baby waits until then" of course in about 20 mins I feel the baby start to descend. I went from a 5 to fully dilated In a matter of minutes. My midwife came in when the pressure was constant and I was screaming to get him out!!! Finally my little dude was born at 5:20am and is the most precious thing ever. Had a hard time with waiting for my milk to come in which led to them keeping me longer in the hospital and extra doctors appointments after but we are all good now. We are all freaking obsessed with this kid.