MY LIFE FELL APART WITHIN 24 HOURS help I need serious advice right now

So we've been having some financial issues and I went to work yesterday. I worked 12 hours and as soon as I got home to see my bf he tells me that he is breaking up with me because he would rather move on his own then struggle and help us. He literally said to me that he would rather go out and party then be with me and my son any longer. Alright then he falls asleep on my bed. I love with my mother and he doesn't. So I'm literally stuck without a bed until he goes to work at 5:30 am 😭😭😭 this is been a very heartbreaking couple of days and idk what to do I can't pay rent and now I have to move with my son and I don't make enough money to afford a place of my own... Any advice Would be greatly appreciated 😭😭😭