6dpo feeling super weird..

Sabrina • Married 04/08/16 💍 Expecting our first : May 16th💖 Army wife 🌹
I'm very In tuned with my body even before TTC but I'm not myself at all. I'm not sure exactly when I ovulated I just got by the app but it's always accurate with my period so I could be 6-8DPO. My husband is in the army and we BD every day this cycle. Anyways I notice I'm breaking out which never happens  only the day before my period. I have a huge zit on my chin and a few others around my eyebrows and little ones on my legs! I NEVER get body acne. What is this?? Also last night I was so sleepless. I was tossing and turning all night and just extremely hot for no reason. This morning I'm super gassy. Also I had bad cramps on my left ovary that comes and goes very briefly. Just all strange things. I know these can very well be period symptoms but I usually get them a lot closer to my period. Who knows right?