Husband's BFF pregnant with 2nd...Still TCC. Depressed.


Last night my husband received the good news that his best friend and his wife are pregnant with their 2nd child. I am happy for them, especially since I am in love with their first bundle of complete joy, she really is a happy baby. But it got me depressed. My husband and I have been trying for months now, but to be honest not really giving it the full attention it deserves until last month. Last month I started glow and did the log everyday, I have been taking prenatal, checking my CM semi frequently and using an ovulation test. My husband, on the other hand is kind of being lazy about the work in conceiving. He wants kids, like 6 of them, but (I am only hoping for 2) yet he won't put in the effort to eat well, exercise and take multivitamins. I think hes riding on the assumption that because his father made 5 children there could be nothing wrong with his "supply". I don't know how to feel. I'm mad at him for not trying hard enough and I'm worried things are not working on my end. And then I feel guilty about my jealousy towards friends. People keep telling me that if I had a miscarriage (March 2015) that it means I can get I don't know. I'm worried, depressed, upset and anxious.

We do plan on visiting them in the Spring (They are a long plane ride away) because we are happy they are pregnant and we do miss them alot. I just hope I'm on my way to motherhood as well.

I guess I just needed to vent this out. How do you ladies deal with these types of situations?