Katie • 19 years young 11•7•16❤🔐
I wasn't sure what category this should go under but basically I've grown up in a really strict, Christian household. So my whole life I was taught not to have sex until marriage and only married people should live together and all of that kind of stuff. Well my mom knows I lost my virginity to my ex but she still asks me ALL THE TIME if I've "set boundaries" with my current boyfriend and I always say yes even though me and him are sexually active. Anyway my question comes now: my boyfriend wants me to move in with him in a few months when he moves out and me being only 18 and living under such strict parents, I keep telling him I can't and he gets sorta frustrated because he thinks I care too much about what my family thinks of me. I wanna know how I could bring this up to my mom, or even just bringing up that I wanna spend the night at his house for his 21st birthday because I said I'd be his designated driver.